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Alpine Bug Sweeps by our trained and experienced bug sweepers. Our TSCM bug sweep technicians will come to your Alpine home or business in Alpine, New Jersey to conduct a thorough physical and comprehensive electronic bug sweep to help assure your privacy and peace of mind.

Our trained and experienced TSCM debugging technicians will come to your Alpine home or Alpine business to conduct a thorough physical and electronic bug sweep to help assure your privacy and peace of mind.

We conduct Alpine Bug Sweep Services in the following areas:

Allison Road, Alpine Drive, Anderson Avenue, Appletree Lane, Audrey Urban Court, Autumn Terrace, Berkery Place, Birch Road, Brenner Place, Bristol Court, Buckingham Drive, Cambridge Way, Canterbury Court, Cassandra Drive also Charney Drive, Church Street, Closter Dock Road, Dogwood Lane, Dubois Avenue also Duck Pond Road, Ellens Way and even more.

Also, Forest Street, Glen Goin Drive, Graham Street Haring Lane, Highwood Place, Hillside Avenue, Jackson Drive, Litchfield Way, Margo Way, Marie Major Drive, Miles Street Old Dock Road, Old Quarry Road, Old Saw Mill Road, Overlook Road.

Similarly, Pike Street , Ridge Street, Rio Vista Drive, Rionda Court, Robin Lane, Schaffer Road, Sherwood Court, Stone Tower Drive, Tamareck Road, Timberline Drive, Tulip Tree Lane, W Main Street also Warren Lane, Wilson Drive, and all the other streets and businesses in Alpine, New Jersey.

About Alpine Township

Alpine Township Located just four miles north of downtown Grand Rapids, Alpine Township is still primarily a rural community. Perhaps that explains the warmth and friendliness that extends all the way to the Township Hall. Blending in with our agriculture is just the right amount of residential, commercial and industrial development..

Alpine Township has a water trail is any route along a river also lake, or bay that is specifically designed for the use of small boats such as kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc. Water trails have developed access and launch points that are accessible to the public. These trails encourage tourism and recreation, and assist in showcasing Michigan’s incredible water resources, local pride, and economic growth. A water trail, also called a blue way, is similar to a hiking trail, or green way. National Network Provider

You should contact us right away, if you suspect:

  • There is someone watching you.
  • Your residence has a bug.
  • Someone is listening to you.
  • Your office has a microphone bug.
  • Your Wi-Fi and router is not secure anymore.
  • GPS tracker has been placed in your vehicle.
  • Somebody is spying on you using your phone lines.


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