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Hidden Cameras Found in a school toilet
Hidden Cameras Found in a school toilet

Here is another incident of two hidden cameras found in a school. The cameras were found in the female toilet at the National University of Singapore. Similarly, this is very common in the United States. For instance, this is more common in schools, colleges, and universities.

Police have reported that a 24 year old male student has arrested for allegedly installing the two spy cameras. In addition, the suspect has been charged with criminal trespass and suspected voyeurism. The suspect was actually caught by school security in the woman’s toilet. According to the Straits Times, the two hidden cameras were disguised as smoke detectors.

In conclusion, it is important that school administrators recognize the continued threat of video voyeurism in schools. Above all, toilets and locker rooms need to be inspected on a regular basis using a professional bug sweep service. Jimmie Mesis, USA Bugsweeps, Inc. President and CEO states. “Our TSCM technicians are finding hidden cameras in schools more often. The low cost of these disguised cameras being sold at on eBay and Amazon is making them attractive. We have found that students and school administrators are the actual culprits. They are installing these hidden cameras in toilets and under female teacher desks”.

More information can be found with regard to hidden cameras found in a school here.

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