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USA Bug Sweeps Testimonials & Reviews
We Protect the Confidentiality of All Our Clients!

Due to the nature of the services we provide, our clients do not want their identities revealed. However, we receive testimonials with each professional bug sweep provided. The original handwritten testimonials of all listed testimonials below are kept on file at our Corporate Headquarters. The client names have been redacted and locations removed to maintain customer privacy and confidentiality.


Provided assurance of privacy and safety of my home. Thank you.

Mary R

I fell better after the sweep.

Terry M

Jimmie is very professional. Explains every piece of equipment he is using and the purpose for it. No bug was found, but the service provided peace of mind.

Elysa O

Very thorough house sweep, no details left undone. Entire house was thoroughly swept using multiple devices.

Stan M

Great work and very pleasant.and understanding. Would definitely recommend.

Stephanie C

Very detailed and thorough.


Peace of mind goes a long way!!! Thanks Blessing Jimmie.

Cheryl W

He explains everything in in clear English. I was very satisfied.

Irina D

Great professional job.

George P

I received great peace of mind to know that Jimmie is an expert in the field and did a comprehensive job on my home.

Danielle M

Very professional and thorough with knowledge of the work Thank you.

Penny S

The amount of relief and peace of mind Jim gave me is worth everything.

Darren D

Jimmie is wonderful!

Susan B

Extremely Professional – Beyond thorough – Fantastic.

Elise C

Very thorough, professional, and informative. Thank you for the peace of mind..

Karen D

I am so happy with the results. Jim was/is outstanding. I am very content. He made me feel comfortable.

Nancy K

Would hire again.

Ives S

Pleasant, thorough. Peace of mind.

Patricia S

Enlightening and very informative. The Technician was very personable and comforting.

Karen P

Excellent & Thorough!

David F.

Very satisfied and feel more comfortable knowing my house is clean securing the safety of my children.


It was great and amazing. Very thorough. I thought did a great job!

Kevin F

He is sympathetic and caring.

Jon S

Very accommodating, short time frame.

Mark W

Thank you for the clear, precise explanations of the activities. Your personable, pleasant manner and particulate explanations are appreciated.

Joyce C

Jimmy has been very thorough and professional! Would recommend.

Jawad K.

What type of Short Hills County Bug Sweeping Services are you looking for?

Residential Bug Sweeps– Includes our experienced bug sweepers conducting a comprehensive TSCM physical and electronic bug sweep of your house, apartment, condo, dorm room, even a hotel room.

Business Bug Sweeps – This TSCM business bug sweep covers conference rooms, executive offices, cubicles, conference rooms, telephones, and restrooms in your small or large business.

Vehicle Bug Sweeps – Our professional bug sweepers will search and find GPS trackers, on or off, on your vehicle.

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