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REI - OSCOR Green 24 Ghz Spectrum Analyzer

We use the REI OSCOR Green 24 Ghz, which is the latest and most common industry standard spectrum analyzer. This devices will scan the entire radio spectrum from 10Khz to 24GHz and identify all LIVE frequencies in the airwaves. The technician will take an outdoor reference scan and then compare it to one or more scans acquired inside the target areas. The analyzer will identify those signals that are stronger in the target area, which are then demodulated to determine the signal source, type or threat. This device will determine if there are any radio signals eminating from inside the target area and help the technician determin the location source.

REI - ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector

Not all bugging devices transmit a radio signal such as a digital recorders, or the bugging device may be off during the sweep. The REI ORION 2.4 Non-Linerar Junction Detector (NLJD) offers the latest detection technology and is designed to locate the presence of ANY electronic components as small as a grain of rice. This is an extremely essential tool as the bugging device could be concealed inside furniture, wall fixtures, or everyday devices that could easily be missed by a physical search. In addition, this unit will find hidden devices that are off!

Handheld Non-Linear Junction Detector

This handheld Non-Linear Junction detector (NLJD) detects all types of active, passive, or switched off electronics, including mobile phones, tracking devices, listening devices, covert cameras, digital voice recorders, SIM cards and any device that contains an electronic component, including micro chips. Very importantly, those hidden devices do not have to be in use, in standby or even have any power connected to them to be detected.

REI - ANDRE Deluxe Near-Field Detection Receiver

The ANDRE is a handheld broadband receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions. The ANDRE locates nearby RF, infrared, visible light, carrier current, and other types of transmitters. Quickly and discretely identify threats using the ANDRE Deluxe Kit’s wide range of accessories specifically designed to receive transmissions across a 10 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range. Technical security specialists will appreciate the portability and responsiveness of the ANDRE. It is an excellent complement to an OSCOR Spectrum Analyzer as a preliminary non-alerting tool.

ORIUS® Wi-Fi Hunter

The ORIUS® Wi-Fi Hunter can Detect, Locate and Interrogate any device transmitting data, video, or audio over a Wi-Fi Network. It can locate and analyze access points including hidden networks. It als provides direction finding and de-authenticate rogue devices. The ORIUS® can passively perform an in-depth analysis of all smartphones, laptops, PCs, IP cams, IP bugs, and any other network-enabled device. It will detect any Wi-Fi network anomalies and alert in the case of suspicious activity, new networks, encrypted networks becoming unencrypted, and access point duplication or disappearance.

FLIR Infrared Thermal Camera

This amazing device will detect the active heat signature of a bugging device. Device may be in the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, fixtures, pillows, stuff animals, and air vents. Your technician should be using a thermal camera to properly sweep the area.

VPC-62 Video Pole Camera

The VPC-62 Video Pole Camera extends the view of surroundings above drop ceilings, behind immovable objects, around corners or other hard-to-reach areas—even in dark situations. This allows the TSCM Technician to search areas where a hidden camera or transmitter could have been placed. It will also allow the technician to follow wires that can be attach to microphones and speakers.

BlueSleuth™ Bluetooth Detector

BlueSleuth™ Bluetooth locator is a handheld receiver dedicated to detect and track hidden Bluetooth devices and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices. This device includes a direction finding antenna for real time RSSI (dBm) of Bluetooth and BLE detection from a distance for location pinpointing. BlueSleuth™ is ideal for TSCM bug sweep teams for locating hidden wireless Bluetooth bugs, microphones, and earpieces. It can also be used to detect illegal contraband Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, earbuds, MP3 players, fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Video Borescope

This device allows the TSCM technician to look inside. The air vents in a residence as well as those in a vehicle dash. Therefore, to detect microphones or covert video cameras. This will also allow the technician to view areas out of reach such as behind or under furniture, above cabinets, or other areas not easily accessible to the technician. If your TSCM technician does not have a video borescope DO NOT hire them!

Hidden Camera Detector

This professional hidden camera detector is designed to detect and locate hidden cameras including tiny “pinhole” cameras, regardless of their status (on/off) and the type of video signals. The unique detection method when implemented is based on the optical detection and allows to detect video cameras due to the effect of reverse reflection or “reverse blink”even if behind smoked glass or plastic. The green-red LED light allows to detect cameras, which are protected by a special filters, which are being used to bypass the detection based on red light. Detection distance of concealed video cameras can be detected up to 60′ depending on operating conditions.

GPS Tracker / Cell Phone Detector

The WolfHound Pro device will locate active hidden cell phones, GSM bugs, and GPS trackers. The direction antenna allows the technician to locate and detect cell phones. Either standby mode or during active voice conversations. Also text or data transmissions, or live GPS tracking bursts. This is an essential device for detecting GSM bugs and GPS trackers.

Countermeasure Amplifier

This device is a high gain audio amplifier use to detect and identify certain types of surveillance devices. This attach to telephone wiring, LAN and server systems, AC power, and alarm wiring.

REI - TALAN Telephone & Line Analyzer

This device will conduct a comprehensive sweep and analysis of your residence or business telephone lines. The TALAN is able to analyze as well as inspect and test copper wire lines. It can also be digital and Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone lines for taps and eavesdropping devices. The VOIP analysis software will test internet protocol packet traffic for source and destination addresses, header type, and packet statistics. This device is essential for digital and VOIP business phone lines. This is also a great tool for checking residence phone lines connected to local cable service providers.

*NOTE: Our technician will determine what detection equipment is used on each sweep based on the threat level and the specific concerns of the client. Many of the devices listed above duplicate detection capabilities and may not all be used on your sweep.

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We are Bug Sweep Experts utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and the latest in modern bug detection technology. There is no one device that anyone can use to find eavesdropping devices. That’s why we utilize more than 10 different instruments to be able to find hidden cameras, bugging devices, audio recorders, wiretaps, and GPS trackers.

Make sure that whoever you hire to conduct a professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweep is using all of the devices listed below. If they aren’t, you are not getting a thorough bug sweep and are likely getting cheated both financially and your security will still remain compromised.