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Cellphone Hidden Camera Found in Bathroom
Cellphone Hidden Camera Found in Bathroom

Vincent Kane, a 19 year old Villanova student has been accused of hiding a cellphone camera in a school bathroom. The device was used to acquire thousands of up-skirt photos, videos of women, and he is also accused of possessing child pornography. It is alleged that he acquired these photos and video at Villanova University, a high school, and a convenience store.

The hidden cellphone cameras was found in a school bathroom stall by a female university student who noticed that the phone was on and recording. She immediately reported this to the police who conducted an an investigation which ultimately led to Kane.Kane ultimately surrendered to the authorities and was charged with possession of child pornography, sexual abuse of children, criminal use of a communications facility, all felonies and two related misdemeanors.

District Attorney Jack Whelan stated that Kane would place the phone underneath where the candy typically was stored and hard to see at the CVS store where he worked, but the camera would be focused on ladies wearing skirts. Once interviewed, it is alleged that Kane admitted to possessing the images, which included toddlers, for his own sexual pleasure. He also told the detectives that he had been acquiring videos for two years.

Kane’s video dated back to when he was in high school where he allegedly zoomed in with his camera on girls’ gym shorts and underwear. The police found a hard drive in Kane’s home which had some 51,000 videos and images. There were hundreds of images of what appeared to be a 12 year old.

This is another example of why we conduct regularly unannounced bug sweeps of all school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. While this incident involved a large cellphone, most hidden cameras in bathrooms are extremely small and cannot be seen or found without expensive sophisticated bug detection equipment. Go to for more information.

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