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FBI Found Using Hidden Microphones Outside Courthouses
FBI Found Using Hidden Microphones Outside Courthouses

It’s bad enough that the “bad guys” might be using hidden microphones and covert audio recording devices, but the FBI? It was recently reported that the FBI had deployed audio surveillance outside  a San Mateo, California courthouse. The apparently were hoping to catch suspected real estate bid-rigging at actions. So, the FBI scattered hidden microphones and audio recording devices around the courthouse steps where the auction was taking place.

Who knows whether this was legal or in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but a court will soon rule on whether any of the so-called evidence acquired can be used in pending cases. This is just another example of one never knowing, even when outdoors, whether your conversations are truly private.

You might as well assume that anyone could be listening to you, anywhere at any time!

You can read more details about this incident here.

Usa Bug
Usa Bug

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