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Hidden Camera Found in Kid’s Bathroom
Hidden Camera Found in Kid’s Bathroom

A hidden camera found in a kid’s bathroom has resulted in the arrest of Jason Meckelburg, a Chandler, Arizona former tenant. The hidden cameras was found by the new tenant in the bathroom ceiling vent. Upon further investigation the new tenant went into the attic and found the hidden camera had been connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) and there were more than 1,000 videos dating back to 2011 and 2012.

This is why professional TSCM bug sweep technicians must always inspect the attic for such devices. While a hidden camera can be anywhere in the residence, the DVR, transmitter, or router is often found during an attic sweep. Even though these devices can be off or hidden under the insulation, professional TSCM detection equipment will quickly locate their presence.

It took several months before the police were finally able to identify Jason Meckelburg as the previous tenant and arrest him. He ultimately admitted placing the camera in the bathroom vent. He claimed that he had done so in an effort to catch his wife cheating. Really? This is obviously not logical since the 1,000 plus videos showed his own family members using the toilet, brushing teeth, washing hands, and taking showers. I guess he thought he’d catch his wife’s paramour taking a leak, I think not.

This is yet another example of renters never knowing if they are being watched. Even though the DVR in this case did not appear to be connected to a transmitter or router, it is not uncommon for landlords to also install hidden cameras. They are usually found in the bedrooms and bathrooms and they are placed for sexual gratification and voyeurism. The main concern is that with hidden cameras being so small, you need a professional TSCM bug sweep to assure your privacy and peace of mind. Go to for more information or call and speak with a bug sweep specialist at 888-808-4802.

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