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Schools Sweep For Hidden Cameras
Schools Sweep For Hidden Cameras

A little known secret is that there have been numerous incidents where hidden video cameras have been found in schools. Jimmie Mesis, owner and Chief TSCM Technician of USA was recently featured in print media and national radio interview with regard to the ‘epidemic’ of spying.

Mesis, who has been associated with the field of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) for the last 30 years conducts regular inspections of school bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers looking for hidden cameras.

Police departments throughout New Jersey and around the country have recently reported cases where there was alleged hidden cameras found in schools. A Vineland, NJ elementary school drama club advisor was alleged to have hidden a camera in the school theater rehearsal bathroom. He was charged with second-degree distribution of child pornography and third-degree possession of child pornography with more than 100 associated files in his computer.

A former Glouster County Institute of Technology was indicted in April of 2016 for allegedly recording “up skirt” videos of 24 students using a small recording device. It is obvious that this is just the tip of the known threats.

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