About USA Bug Sweeps

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About USA Bugsweeps, Inc.

Our Company Mission

Our mission at USA Bugsweeps, Inc. is to provide all of our clients with the peace of mind they deserve by assuring their privacy in their residence, place of business, and vehicle. We use the latest in TSCM bug detection technology and training. We also pride ourselves in having the largest network of TSCM professional throughout the United States, Canada, and association with professional colleagues throughout the world.

Our client base consists of individuals just like you who suspect they are being watched, listened to, or followed. It doesn’t matter if the threat is in your home, business, vehicle, or simply anywhere you expect complete privacy. Our technicians are extensively trained in finding eavesdropping devices, on or off, and utilize this most modern and sophisticated bug detection equipment.

Meet our team

Expert in Below TSCM Bug Sweeps and more.

  • Residence Bug Sweeps
  • Business Bug Sweeps
  • School Bug Sweeps
  • Audio Bug Sweeps
  • Video Bug Sweeps
  • GPS Bug Sweeps
  • Telephone Bug Sweeps
  • Prison Bug Sweeps
  • Vehicle Bug Sweeps
Michael Auletta, TSCM, LPI
President / CEO

Michael Auletta is the President and CEO of USA Bugsweeps, Inc. one of the largest Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweep detection agencies in the United States. He is a seasoned TSCM technician and company instructor. He is recognized as an expert in the field of TSCM, especially in the area of residential bug sweeps.

Jimmie Mesis, TSCM, LPI, BAI
Founder / Director

Jimmie is recognized as an expert in the field of residential Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweeps. He has been associated with the field of TSCM for more than 35 years and conducts several hundred sweeps every year throughout the United Sates and abroad. Jimmie is also a Board Accredited Investigator (BAI) and a Licensed

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We have a team of professionals that provide Bug Sweeps throughout the USA. We also provide bug sweeps for other countries. We provide the bug sweeps services for:

Some of the states we service on a regular basis include Delaware Bug Sweeps, West Virginia Bug sweeps, Virginia Bug Sweeps, Washington D. C. Bug Sweeps, Pennsylvania Bug Sweeps and many more!

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